Josh McConnell

Hi. My name is Josh.

I am a business and technology journalist with work appearing in places such as The National Post's Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, Rogers’ Marketing Magazine and CBC News. From the latest gadgets or video game releases to biztech and social media trends, I keep tabs on it all. If you need someone to talk about it, I’m your guy. I also do a lot of business journalism on all sorts of topics.

I’m currently a full-time digital editor / producer for the Financial Post and look after its FP Tech Desk, where I also write about tech, appear in videos and more.

Before my current position with the Financial Post, I did freelance work and commentating. I also worked full-time temporary contracts in some of Canada’s largest newsrooms. From hard news and business journalism to technology and entertainment reporting, I have shared many stories with a global audience.

I have been a full-time reporter and editor at The Globe and Mail's Report on Business section, senior writer / producer at CBC News Network in Toronto, editor in chief of an online music magazine, local radio news anchor/reporter and more. I was even an A&R scout for a company based out of New York City, which found and identified new talent for major record labels.

I have substantial experience and training in broadcasting, print and online, and I am completely comfortable with reporting for all three platforms. Readers or viewers know I am thorough, honest and trustworthy, while keeping a fun personality in the process.

I have covered events in major cities including Toronto, Los Angeles and Nashville. I've worked on a regular basis with some of the biggest labels, management companies and publicists in the entertainment business. When I was exclusively a video game critic, I worked with all of the biggest developers and publishers in the industry on a daily basis.

In addition to journalism, I have also done freelance publicity work in the past, including writing musician biographies for major record labels and company marketing materials.

Listed below is just some of my work experience. For a comprehensive list, visit my LinkedIn profile.

So that's me, but what's your story? Connect with me on my various profiles. I'd love to hear from you.